Rabac is situated in a bay on the eastern side of Istrian peninsula. It originated in the nineteenth century as a small fishing village with only about twenty houses. Various visitors observed the natural beauty which surrounded Rabac and in late nineteenth century the first mansions were built here, and Rabac has been mentioned by many travelers. The first hotel was built in Rabac on June 11th 1889. under the name 'Quarnero', which tells how interesting this place had been to tourists and visitors even then. A very interesting historical figure that Rabac hosted was the Austro-Hungarian throne successor, Prince Ferdinand who visited Rabac back in 1907. Residents of Rabac were traditionally fishermen and sailors while a significant development of tourism starts in the sixties. Hotels, resorts and camp were built then and many private houses which offer accommodation, apartments and private homes. It is interesting that in one day Rabac hosts up to 11 000 tourists. Rabac is known for a series of sandy beaches and clear waters. In 2002. Rabac received the international ecological award "Blue Flag". Visitors will enjoy the beaches with Blue Flag: Lanterna, Girandella, St Andrew, Maslinica. Rabac has much to offer to gourmands, who will be delighted with gourmet specialties, particularly seafood. Labin is a medieval village on a hill above Rabac. Distance Labin-Rabac is only three kilometers. The medieval name of Labin - Albona was first mentioned 285 years. Labin combines a wealth of architecture with a number of art studios and monuments. Tourists can visit the Municipal Museum and enjoy the view of Rabac and Cres island. It is the best to view Rabac and Labin as a whole because they are very close together and together they provide all facilities that guarantee an unforgettable vacation. You can come here from Western Europe by highway to Venice or Udine up to Trieste (Italy). From Trieste to Koper in Slovenia, and then proceed on border crossing Skofije (Rabuiese). Then to Croatian border crossing Pozane next to Buzet and from Buzet via Lupoglav Vozilici to Labin. Labin can also be reached from Central Europe by highway to Villach then through Karavanke tunnel to Ljubljana and Koper and proceed to Buzet, Lupoglav, Vozilici to Labin. You can visit Opatija, Krk or beautiful Cres. Labin and Rabac are best viewed as a whole because they are very close and together they give everything you need for unforgettable vacation. For unique experience visit marina Pula.